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'''Paul Hood''' D.D. (died 2 August 1668) was an England|English academic administrator at the University of Oxford. Hood was elected Rector (college)|Rector (head) of Lincoln College, Oxford in 1621, a post he held until 1668. The Rector's Lodgings at Lincoln College were enlarged for Hood since he was the first Rector at the college to marry. Paul Hood was a Puritan sympathiser. After the surrender of Oxford on 24 June 1646 during the English Civil War, Oxford University underwent a Parliamentary visitation of the University of Oxford|parliamentary visitation, starting from 15 May 1647. The visitation was resisted by many at Oxford, but not by Hood. He was the only Head of a College at Oxford to submit to the visitors when members of Convocation were asked to do so on 7 April 1648. Despite complying, however, Lincoln College had lost all its old fellows...
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